Our Program


There is no secret to a beautiful lawn.  Lawn care is a year-round, season after season success  story when you provide your lawn with a combination of proper nutrition, proper insect & weed controls and proper maintenance practices.

Your lawn is a vital, living thing and has to be treated as such.  Gumpf’s Lawn Care-A-Van knows this and that’s why our technicians are PA Dept. of Agriculture registered and our company is PA Dept. of Agriculture certified.

Our 4 and 5 step programs relies on granular products that have shown to be the most effective application type.  (Only post-emergent weed control is liquid.)  Applications are made 6 to 8 weeks apart to ensure that your lawn is never starved or neglected.

Service calls are free with our 4 and 5-step programs as are management inspections.  These once-a-year inspections include free pH testing and thatch measurements which will allow our Lawn Care-A-Van technician to make recommendations to you regarding lime application and aeration.

Please see our FAQ page for more information.

Lawn care estimates are free, so call us today.  724-843-1930 or 1-800-298-4001.