Irrigation / Sprinklers

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Lush green grass turns your home into something special.  But lawn care is not without its work.

Gumpf Gardens can provide irrigation installation as well as its Lawn Care-A-Van fertilization program to make beautiful lawns as easy as possible


Sprinkler systems have automatic timers so you can let the system work for YOU.  And, depending upon your water authority,  irrigation systems allow “deduct” water meters that will actually reduce the cost of your irrigation water.

Hunter irrigation3

There is no substitute for adequate water for all living things and your grass is a living thing.  The best-looking lawns are watered regularly and Gumpf Gardens’ professionals can install an irrigation system for you.

The cost of watering is not so much for the water itself, but for the much higher rate of sewage charges.  When an irrigation system is installed, a deduct meter is attached to the water line.  This meter deducts the amount of water used outdoors from the total amount used by the household (as read by your water authority).  This is important because it means that the homeowner will not pay sewage charges for irrigation water.

(After all, this water is NOT going into the sewer!)

Then there is the issue of time.  An irrigation system is on a timer.

You set it, adjust for the seasonal amount of free water, i.e. rain, and let the system work for you. Easy as that.

One phone call to Gumpf Gardens, Inc. (724-843-1930 or 1-800-298-4001) will get you a free estimate.

Photos courtesy of our irrigation supplier, Hunter Irrigation.