Planting Services



Should you choose to have your plants professionally  planted  by  Gumpf  Gardens  you will extend  your  plant  warranty  to  1  full   year   beyond   the  planting  date.



Things You Should Know About Your Planting:

 1)             All plants and planting fees must be paid in full before work may begin.    

            Professional planting supplies which will be used for your planting include:

Ø       Peat moss for moisture retention & soil conditioning.

Ø       Fertilizer to encourage growth.

Ø       Hardwood mulch for moisture retention & weed reduction.  (Dyed mulch may be substituted for an additional charge of $5 per tree / shrub.)


2)             Planting fees are equal to the total dollar amount of your plants (excluding tax) with a minimum charge of $125.  Examples:

Ø       A $190 tree would cost $190 to plant, totaling $380 plus tax.

Ø       A $ 89.99 tree would cost $125.00 to plant,  totaling $214.99 plus tax.

3)            Planting services include the professional planting of your trees / shrubs and do not include the creation of beds or removing sod anywhere except where the trees / shrubs are to be planted.

4)            Daily watering of landscape plants to a depth of 4” is necessary for the 1st week subsequent to planting.  Thereafter, twice weekly watering to 4” in the absence of substantial rainfall is needed.  This responsibility falls to the purchaser/homeowner. 

Please be advised that the warranty is null and void should it be

determined that planted trees/shrubs have failed due to lack of water.