Design Services

Attractive landscaping can increase the value of your home from 18-25%, so say both the National Association of Realtors and the American Nursery and Landscape Association.


       But beyond raising your property value, proper landscaping can cool your home in summer and insulate it in winter.  A well-planned patio increases your living space and provides a wonderful place to entertain. Flowering shrubs, roses & perennials can make you feel as if you are on “vacation in your own backyard.”

Since 1957, Gumpf Gardens has been in the business of designing & installing beautiful landscapes.  Our full-service garden center carries the finest quality plant material and all the supplies needed to create your dream garden.

Whether you want to do-it-yourself or leave it to our design and installation professionals, Gumpf Gardens can provide the look, the feel, and emotion of having a country estate – no matter what the size of your yard may be.    


This is what we do . . . and we do it better than anyone.

Take a look inside this guide and see which landscaping option is right for you.  Our trained staff is ready to help!

1. Do-It-Yourself Landscape Design –

 Cost:       Free

Ø  First, map out the areas for which you would like landscaping.

1)     Measure the perimeter of your home.  Include the location of windows, air conditioning units, dryer vents, gas meters, spigots, sidewalks, and driveways.

Don’t forget to note any roof overhangs that would prevent rain from watering potential plantings.  

2)   Mark on your map existing trees & shrubs you would like to keep.

3)   Mark with an arrow the direction in which the sun rises.

4)   Lastly, list the plants you know you would like to incorporate into your landscape.  If you are unsure of what plants you would like, think in general plant types.   

Ø  Call in to the garden center at (724) 843-1930 to schedule an appointment with a Design Specialist. 

Ø  Bring your drawing to your appointment.  (Photographs are helpful and – for simpler projects – may be used in place of the drawing). 

Ø  Gumpf Gardens’ trained Design Specialists will guide you through the hundreds of plant options you have as well as planting & care information.  We will place together the plants of your choosing – to scale – so that you can get an idea of how  they will look together in your yard.


2. On-Site Landscape Consultation – One Hour

Cost: $100 payable the day of the appointment, with a $50 coupon issued to you that may be used toward garden center purchases, turf care applications or landscape installations.

Ø  Call in to Gumpf Gardens at (724) 843-1930 to schedule an appointment with a Design Specialist. 

Ø  The Design Specialist will come to your home and spend an hour with you making recommendations and suggestions regarding suitable plants, pruning, removal of “mistake” plants, creation of beds, etc.  On-site sketches may be drawn for you,  time-permitting.



Gumpf  Gardens  has,  since 1957, designed beautiful landscapes tailored to YOUR yard.  We choose plants for you with these considerations:

Ø  Exposure to sun & wind.

Ø  Your home’s soil conditions, including moisture and pH.

Ø  Size of plants at maturity.

Ø  Year-round interest.  Gumpf Gardens will include flowering & evergreen color, fall foliage color, and winter interest.

Ø  Low maintenance.  You want to enjoy your landscape, not be a slave to it.


Gumpf  Gardens   HOMEOWNER’S  NOTES:



I would like to see the following plants in my landscape:







I am unsure of what plants I would like, but the following things interest me:

¨     Flowering shrubs                      

¨     Evergreen shrubs

¨                Ornamental trees (up to 25’ high)      

¨                Shade trees

¨                Evergreen trees                       

¨                Flowering trees

¨                Fruit trees or bushes                

¨                Pond plants

¨                Perennials                        

¨                Annuals

¨                Vines (ex. Clematis, honeysuckle)       

¨                Groundcovers

¨                Ornamental Grasses                 

¨                Roses               

¨                Topiaries                          

¨                Butterfly gardens

¨                Broadleaf evergreens (ex. Holly)       

¨                Walls, patios


Questions I Have: