Delivery Services

     Gumpf Gardens is happy to schedule deliveries for their customers. 

Our one-ton dump trucks are big enough to carry most items, yet small enough to maneuver in residential streets.

Our larger truck can hold more, but may not be able to maneuver its way into your site.

     Our one-ton trucks can carry up to 6 yards of mulch and up to 3 tons of topsoil or stone. 

   Our larger truck can hold 9 yards of mulch and 5 ton of topsoil or stone.

And of course, we deliver trees and shrubs.


Gumpf  Gardens  Delivery  Policy


Ø    Delivery charges are assessed by zip code.  Call for your zip code price.

Ø    Delivery charges cover delivery to the curb only.  Any conveyance of material beyond the curb will require a labor charge of $25 / hour with a minimum fee of $25 due at the time of delivery.

Ø    Should the delivery require an additional person due to the size or weight of the item(s), the delivery charge will be an additional $20.

Ø    We cannot guarantee an exact time of delivery but we will try to give an estimated time.

Ø    The delivery driver will do everything possible to deliver or dump materials wherever the customer wishes.  However, if the driver feels that the request cannot be done safely or without risk of property damage, he or she has Gumpf Gardens’ authorization to refuse the customer’s request.

Ø    The customer accepts full responsibility for any delivery past the curb.  Gumpf Gardens, Inc. will not be held liable for any damage incurred due to the customer’s request for material conveyance past the public street.