Mulch, Topsoil, Stone in Bulk

Mulch is an excellent way to reduce weeds & protect your plants. We carry a variety of bark mulches priced for any budget. 

For your calculations, a cubic yard of mulch will cover approximately 100 sq. feet to a depth of 2-3”. 

Other bulk materials we sell are:

Topsoil, Mushroom Compost,  Limestone sub-base, Limestone sand, 2B gravel,  3A gravel, pea gravel, Maryland Seashore (beige), Cherry Vanilla (white & pink), Lava Rock, & Raven red stone chips.

Calculating the amount of topsoil, sub-base, sand or gravel you may need can be done in this way:

Multiply your width (in feet) times your length (in feet) times your depth (in inches).  Divide this number by 270 to get an approximate estimate of the number of tons you will need.

For example:

A 12’ by 12’ x 4” hole

12 x 12 x 4 = 576    576 divided by 270 = 2.13  So you would need a little over 2 tons of topsoil for your hole.

For your calculations, 1 “scoop” of our loader of Lava Rock and Red Raven stone will cover 80 sq. feet.

All bulk items may be picked up or delivered.  Delivery charges are based on the delivery site’s zip code. 


        We are happy to quote our competitive 

                      pricing over the phone. 


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To arrange for delivery over the telephone, please Gumpf Gardens at 724-843-1930.