Plant Warranty

Nursery  Stock  Warranty  Policy


       Gumpf Gardens has provided the finest selection of quality trees and shrubs for over 50 years.  We buy zone 5 & 6 hardy nursery stock from around the country – plants just perfect for your Western Pennsylvania / Ohio home!

       Gumpf Gardens, Inc. extends a 30 day full warranty & will cheerfully replace or give store credit for any plant (see exclusions) that has been properly planted, watered and cared for but has failed to live. 

       Beyond the 30 day period, customers will receive a 50% store credit for up to 365 days from the date of purchase. 

       For a replacement plant or store credit, a customer must:


[          Bring back the dead plant, and

[          Present their original receipt


       We are sorry, but no replacements or store credits will be issued without a sales receipt.  Gumpf Gardens will replace a plant only once.  Replacement plants have no warranty.  Credits are based on the original purchase price.  Delivery charges are not covered by our warranty. 


Remember, plants are living things that require water and care!

Extend Your Full Warranty of Trees & Shrubs to One Full Year


 Gumpf Gardens recommends planting with these three soil amendments:


peat moss    which absorbs 20 times its weight in water & provides continuous moisture with proper watering. Peat moss also improves soil for better root penetration.

fertilizer         provides nutrients for vigorous growth.

plant starter  provides micro-nutrients  which stimulate a quick start

                            for  your  plants.


When you buy each of the recommended products,

Gumpf Gardens will extend your warranty to one full year


·   These three soil amendments must be purchased in sufficient quantity to adequately plant the number of plants purchased.

·   These three soil amendments must be purchased at the time of plant purchase.

·   Customer is responsible for retaining their receipt as proof of their warranty.  Gumpf Gardens Inc. cannot be responsible for lost receipts.

·   Warranty exclusions still apply (see below)


Warranty Exclusions :

  • Bedding plants to include annuals & vegetables
  • Perennials to include ground covers, roses & water garden plants
  • Sod
  • House plants
  • Cemetery plantings
  • Plants left in pots or containers
  • Customer neglect (i.e. failure to water) will render this warranty null & void
  • Plants sold at discounts greater than 30% off are sold as is and have no warranty.