Annuals / Vegetables

Gumpf Gardens can help you with all your garden needs.  From novice to expert, we are here to help you be successful.


Growing vegetables form seed or starter plants is the smartest thing you can do today to save money.

2009 was difficult for many home tomato growers who bought their plants from big box stores – Late blight wiped out many crops.  Our plants are not mass-grown where diseases are easily transmitted from one plant to another.

Check out this COOL web-site (there is a free trial).  This easy program allows you to map out your garden, insert your vegetables, track your care & your harvest AND save your garden plans from year to year.

You can peek at other people’s gardens for ideas OR rate them.

Check out our manager’s garden (amythurrott) – she’d love your reviews!


And don’t forget the annuals!  A dozen roses may cost $50 and last a week.  Season-long-blooming annuals are a beauty from May to September!

Our staff has attended special training sessions so that they can help you be successful in creating a colorful outdoor living space.  We are here to help.