Gardener’s Almanac

    Can’t wait for tomatoes! 

Gardening  Calendar   March

* Begin planning your annual & vegetable garden. Remember what worked for you last year & what didn’t.

* A VERY COOL vegetable garden-planning web-site is .  They offer a free trial subscription AND you can view other gardeners’ gardens as well.  (Check out our manager’s garden – you can even rate it!  Her garden is “amythurrott”.)

* Days are getting longer, so now is the time to repot or divide your houseplants.  Add a slow-release fertilizer (such as Osmocote) to a soil-less potting mix.

And Gumpf’s has just received a shipment of NEW pottery in case your plants have outgrown their “homes”.!

* Get your lawn mower serviced if you did not do so in fall.  Sharpen the blade.

Gardening  Calendar   April

* Pansies are fine to plant now – they don’t mind the cold.

* Perennial plants will be arriving at Gumpf’s in late April – shop early for the best selection.

* Divide overgrown perennials & daffodils.

* Sow annual or vegetable seeds indoors using seed starter which allows for good drainage & less chance of rot.  Gumpf Gardens carries all the supplies you need.

* Reseed bare spots in your lawn with best seed available. Check seed label for % of weed seed. Don’t plant weeds!

(DO NOT use crabgrass preventer in spring when reseeding as it will interfere with your grass seed’s germination.)

* Use a slow release fertilizer for roses, perennials & shrubs.  Fertilizer stakes work great for trees.

* Roses can be planted as soon as the ground is not frozen.  

* For best results, apply Bayer’s 3-in-1 not only to fertilize, but also to discourage insects & fungus (“leaf spot”).

* Prune out any dead wood from roses, trees & shrubs.  

* DO NOT prune spring flowering shrubs as you would be cutting off your spring flowers.  Prune “suckers” (vertical shoots from the base of trees) back to trunk.

* Spray fruit trees & magnolias with dormant oil.




  • Buy a Gumpf Gardens Gift card for your favorite gardener.  (See how sneaky we are!  We just slid this one in!)  Available in any amount, it makes a great gift.