Where do your Fairies Live?

Do you have any Fairies in your Garden?

Fairy garden 1

Fairy Gardens are a new way to add some whimsy to your gardens – indoors or outdoors.  It is fun for adults and children alike.  A Fairy Garden is a small area created in a backyard or in a large pot, in which small plants and tiny furniture or lawn ornaments are placed for fairies. What is in a Fairy Garden is limited only by imagination.

Some people like to create their own furniture, decorations, and even the fairies.  Others prefer to purchase these details and arrange or re-arrange them to their own delight.  For children it is a great introduction to gardening, and a nice extension to their doll house adventures.

Fairies can be purchased or even made at home and placed in the garden.  Some people even design their fairy gardens to attract butterflies or dragonflies which become the fairies.

Gumpf Gardens is keeping up with this new trend in gardening.  All the supplies needed – pots, plants, and ornaments can be found here.  The staff here can also help with any questions or design ideas that come arise.

Gumpf Gardens is always striving to provide help and services to area gardeners

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