Special Trees for Special Occasions

Special Trees for Special Occasions



Thinking about family this month brings to mind one wonderful way to immortalize someone.

Many babies are showing up around here, and a wonderful way to celebrate a birth is to plant a beautiful tree that will grow with the child.

There are all kinds of trees that would do the job.

  • Try a flowering tree, that every year would bring beautiful memories of the day the new life joined the family.
  • Maybe you would prefer a tree that will grow tall and straight.  You could mark the growth of the child on it every year.
  • A strong tree with many branches might be nice.  It could make a great place for climbing or building a tree fort.
  • Fruit trees might combine a couple of ideas.  They have the lovely blossoms and some have nice branches for climbing.

If you need help deciding on a special tree, the Gumpf Garden folks are always ready to lend a hand.  With their knowledge and experience you can’t go wrong.

Gumpf Gardens is always striving to provide help and services to area gardeners

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