Re-evaluating the outdoor room

Re-evaluating your yard as an outdoor room.


It is always a good time to review your yard.  There are studies that show that every seven years the patterns of a family change as kids grow up, pets are added or subtracted, or adults take on new interests.  The yard reflects these changes.  Children’s toys make way for adult ones like putting greens, or outdoor kitchens.

Some thoughts to consider:

  • If you have a beautiful grown tree that has become too large, or gives off too much shade, you don’t have to chop it down.  Perhaps you can sell it to a nursery or arborist.
  • Trees or shrubs that did not thrive through the summer, may need to be replaced with ones more suited to the environment.
  • Perhaps some new small trees will be nice additions, adding diversity and/or functionality to the the space.
  • Expanding the patio space may provide more room for outdoor entertaining.  A whole outdoor kitchen can be installed with grills, sinks, refrigerators, or even a fire pit.
  • Water elements like ponds or waterfalls can be soothing areas for relaxing after work.

If you are looking for ideas or already have a plan in mind, the people at Gumpf Gardens can help you realize an exciting new world for you.

Gumpf Gardens is always striving to provide help and services to area gardeners.


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