Inventory Your Yard

Inventory your Yard


Now is a good time to take an inventory of your yard.  A healthy environment always has lots of different kinds of plants.  Do you have diversity of trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables or herbs?  It is easier to take care of a yard that is in balance, and it provides a shelter for insects, birds and animals that will keep the pests and predators at bay.

Here is a brief check list for you:

  • Are there any conifers that will provide shelters in storms for birds and animals  and have cones that will feed them.
  • Are there any small flowering trees to attract pollinators?  They will also add pleasant fragrances to the area.
  • Are there any fruit or nut bearing trees?  These are great supports for birds and squirrels.

If you feel that some of these items might be needed to improve your space, think about coming in to Gumpf Gardens.  This month they are running many sales on trees.  Check it out.

Gumpf Gardens is always striving to provide help and services to area gardeners.

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