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treesGumpf Gardens has been a family-owned business since 1957 when Bert & Boblyn Gumpf bought a small existing garden center in a then rural section of Beaver Falls.

Winter Can be tough on Shrubs

March 28, 2015

Winter Can be tough on Shrubs   Now that the snow is finally receding, we can all see how our shrubs have fared over the winter. Some have not done so well. The weight of the snow has broken or …

Spring Will Come!!

March 13, 2015

Spring Will Come!! We promise you that the ground will thaw!  Spring arrives next week, regardless of what the weatherman may say. Best to be ready now.  A late end to winter may limit some plans, so don’t let any …

Cabin Fever?

February 22, 2015

Cabin Fever? Still February and cold and snowy.  Birds are flocking to the feeders looking for meals as they start to prepare for spring.  Even in the cold, some birds are already wooing their spouses, building nests and thinking about …